Professor Aurbach

Prof. Doron Aurbach is a leading electrochemist, materials ,surface and physical chemist who heads a prolific research group working on frontier topics in electrochemical, surface and material sciences, including intercalation processes, passivation phenomena, complex solution chemistry and development of new analytical avenues: in-situ spectro-electrochemical tools and hydrodynamic spectroscopy of composite surfaces an electrodes.   On the practical side, Aurbach and his group works heavily and systematically on R&D of a wide variety of power sources, electronically conducting polymers, and water desalination and purification processes and devices. The scope of his work is very broad, keeping ideal balance between basic and practical science and it is impressively rigorous. His research work provides novel new technologies while advancing the basic science needed for development of reliable power sources.

Doron Aurbach is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry, a member of Bar-Ilan University (BIU) Senate, the Director of the Energy Center at the Bar-Ilan University Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA) and the leader of the Israel National Research Center for Electrochemical Propulsion (INREP), which includes 22 research groups from 5 leading academic institutions. He heads the Electrochemistry Research Group at Bar-Ilan. It numbers >40 people and is certainly the biggest group at BIU and perhaps the largest in Israel. He also served as the chairman of Israel National Labs Accreditation Authority (2010-2016) and is a past Chairperson of the Chemistry Department (2001-2005).

Prof. Aurbach has mentored 60 PhD students and 70 MSc students and has supervised 25 post-doctoral fellows. Many of the graduates of his lab have gone on to successful careers in Israeli academia. He has published more than 580 research papers in leading electrochemistry, materials science and physical chemistry journals. These papers have been cited more than 42000 times with h-index 103 (Google). The statistics from the WOS are H index 92, > 33000 citations, mid-October 2017.

Prof. Aurbach is a fellow of the ECS, MRS and ISE, a member in the European Academy of Science (since 2015) and is serving the electrochemistry and power sources R&D Community as a senior editor for the Journal of the Electrochemical Society (since 2003). He also served as a senior editor for the journal of solid state electrochemistry (2007-2015) and as an advisory board member of the prestigious journal Nature Communication.

Prof. Doron Aurbach has won several prestigious prizes, including the A. Frumkin Medal of the international society of Electrochemistry (ISE) for 2018  , A.J. Bard Medal of the Electrochemical Society (2017), Ernest B. Yeager award of the International Battery Association (IBA) for Carrier-Long achievements in power sources research (2014), the Kolthoff prize of the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, for excellence in chemical research (2013), the Research Award of the Battery Division of the Electrochemical Society (2013), the Israel Chemical Society Prize of Excellence (2012), the Landau Prize for Green Chemistry (2011), the Edwards Company Prize of the Israel Vacuum Society for Research Excellence (2007), the Technology Award of the Battery Division of the Electrochemical Society (2005) and the Israel Chemical Society prize of excellence in research for young scientists (1992).



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